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President’s Message

Greetings to travelers and tour operators from all over the world!

Welcome to the website of TEAM TRAVEL KURAMOTO.

Founded in 2011, TEAM TRAVEL KURAMOTO has been providing safe and extraordinary Japan tours for both Japanese and oversea travelers. We focus on customizing group packages to meet various requirements and satisfy curiosity of the group. We are ready to offer unique and unforgettable experiences in Japan.

Recently the number of travelers visiting Japan has been growing very rapidly.

Why is Japan getting so popular as a travel destination?

It might be because of the coming Olympic Games in 2020. Or because of “Washoku” inscribed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013. Or because of Anime & Manga as a pop culture. Or because of high quality products to be purchased.

True, but these are just a few aspects of Japan gaining attention. I would say Japan has diversity to satisfy travelers of any preference.

For history lovers, we have castles, temples, shrines and other historical sites dotted in every region. Japan boasts 16 Cultural Heritage Sites* registered by UNESCO (as well as 4 Natural Heritage Sites*). *number of Heritage Sites in 2016

For food lovers, a variety of dishes are available such as Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Ramen and Wagyu (Japanese beef) etc. Visiting Izakaya to drink Sake will be nice experience to have a glimpse of local people.

For culture lovers, good idea is to experience tea ceremony, temple lodging or learn Japanese cooking, calligraphy, or transform into Maiko or Samurai.

For relaxing holidays, just stay at Ryokan (Japanese traditional inn) and soak in Onsen (hot spring).

For families, we have amusement parks such as Disney Land and Universal Studios.

Shopping is available at major cities and especially shopping in Ginza is recognized as high status.

What is more, Japan has 4 distinct seasons and each season has its charm.

It is worth visiting Japan at least 4 times to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, clear & transparent ocean in summer, breathtaking autumn foliage and powder snow in winter.

We are looking forward to serving you in Japan.

Founder & President
Tomohiro Kuramoto

Our vision and mission

Something PRECIOUS that one encounters in each TRIP builds one’s FUTURE


“Something PRECIOUS that one encounters in each TRIP builds one’s FUTURE”

We believe that people travel to look for something NEW.

Things they come across or experience during the trip may CHANGE their life dramatically.

Our mission is helping travelers to find out their own precious things through their trip.

We promise to work as a TEAM to fulfill the mission.

We promise to share and understand the WISHES of clients.

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Governor of Osaka Prefecture No. 3-2601

Founder & President

Tomohiro Kuramoto

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