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l welcome you my neighborhood『Fukushima』


※※※ The part written in Italic letters are Spanish ※※※

Hello! I’m YUMEKO.

I live in Fukushima, exactly Fukushima ward in Osaka city, not Fukushima prefecture.

Fukushima ward is located a little bit northwest from central Osaka, and it’s possible to go to Umeda by walk about 15 minutes.

I love this area so much, because there are many beautiful and exciting spots in my neighborhood along Naniwasuji street between Fukushima station and Dojima river, it’s almost 700 meters.And it has both stylish and nostalgy atmosphere.

Hola ! Soy YUMEKO.

Yo vivo en Fukushima,exactamente barrio de Fukushima en la ciudad de Osaka,defarente de provincia de Fukushima.

Barrio de Fukushima esta situado un poco noroeste desde centro de la ciudad de Osaka,y puedo ir a Umeda con pie ,se tarda 15 minuto mas o menos.

Me gusta este barrio muchishimo,porque hay muchos lugares hermosos y emocionantes en mi vecindad a lo largo de Avenida de Naniwasuji mientre estación de Fukushima y Río Dojima, casi 700 metros. Ademas, tiene un ambiente ambos de elegante y nostálgico.

Between Fukushima station and Route 2…surrounded by many shops, many different kinds of restaurants and bar and cafeteria, office buildings and hotel(HOTEL HANSHIN).

Above all there are many Ramen, Udon and Donburi, Stake restaurants, grilled chicken, Japanese style Izakaya and wine bar, it’s so exciting to walk around here.

Mientre Estación de Fukushima Estación y Ruta2..esta rodeado de muchas tiendas, muchos varios de restaurantes y tabernas y cafeterías, edificios de oficinas y hotel(HOTEL HANSHIN).

Sobre todo hay mucho restaurante de Ramen, Udon and Donburi(cuenco de arroz con comida),carne asado y “Izakaya” taberna estillo de Japones,bar de vino, siemple paseando por aquí es muy emocionante.

Walking to south, between Route 2 and Dojima river…there are many shops and restaurants also, but  the the atmosphere you can find is changed a little bit calmer because around here is more residential there are from apartment to condominium like skyscraper. I live around here, but which one I live…depend on your imagine.

Andando más sur, mientre Ruta2 y Río Dojima…hay algunas tiendas y restaurantes también,pero pueden les encontrar ambiente un poco cambiado más tranquilo, por aquí es más residencial hay desde  apartamentos hasta condominios como rascacielos. Yo vivo por aquí,pero cual es yo vivo…depende de su image.

And around here, there is a shrine it’s called“Fukushima Tenmangu”.

It’s tiny but adored by many people as a one of the “Tenmangu” that exist approximately 12,000 in Japan.

All of “Tenmangu” are dedicated to Sugawara no Michizane who is known as “God of academic”. Why?

Sugawara no Michizane is a historical figure who read poems at the age of 5 and wrote Chinese poems at the age of 11. His superior talent is what led to the dissemination of the “Tenjin faith” throughout Japan. To this day, many students that pray for passing the entrance examinations.


Y por aquí, hay un santuario se llama “Fukushima Tenmangu”.

Aunque es pequeño,mucha gente adran como uno de “Tenmangu” que hay 12,000 más o menos en Japon.

Todos los “Tenmangu” deificado Sugawara no Michizane lo conocen “Dios del academico”. ¿Porpue?

Sugawara no Michizane es figura de la história que leyó a la edad de 5 años y escribió poemas chinos a la edad de 11.Su talento superior es lo que llevó a la diseminación de la “Fe Tenjin“en todo el Japón.

Ahora muchos etudiantes visitan a rezar para pasar el examen de admisión.

Next from “Fukushima Tenmangu”,there are UDON restaurant “Sanku”and ODEN restaurant “Hanakujira”.

They are very famous and popular, many people used to wait in front of the store before Covid-19, nowadays they offer take-out service.

A lado del Fukushima Tenmangu,pueden encontrar restaurantes UDON se llama“Sanku” y ODEN se llama“Hanakujira”.

UDON es fideos gruesos y ODEN es cazuera de varios de verduras y pastas de pezcaso y huevo hervido en sopa caliente.

Ambos de ellos son muy famoso y popular, ante de covid-19 mucha gente esperaba siempre para tomarlos enfrente de tienda,ahora sirven las comida para llevar.


Finally reached beside Dojima river, on the east side there is TV station and behind it exists a courtyard surrounded by commercial buildings and condominiums like skyscrapers that comfortable place for relaxation filled with trees and seasonal flowers. This whole area is called “Hotarumachi”.  I often come this place to relax.

Por fin llegado al lado del río Dojima, a lado de este hay estación de televisión y detrás de esa existe un patio rodeando de edificios comerciales y condominios como rascacielos que lugare de recreo relleno de arboles y flores de temporada. Toda esta área se llama “Hotarumachi”. A menudo, yo vengo este lugar para relajarse.

Next month, we are in the middle of spring, and season of more various flowers such as cherry blossoms, azalea, wisteria, and rose.

It’s most of my favorite season and I’m looking forward to this spring 2021!

Thank you for your reading, and see you the next!

Proximo mes, estamos en pleno primavera, y estación de más varios de flores por ejemplo flores de cerezo, azalea, glicina,y rosa.

Me gusta más esta estación todo del año y eperando que será de esta primavera 2021.

Gracias por su leer y hasta la próxima!



How to complete 10th anniversary special mission !!


Hello, everyone!

This is Yoki. It is quite sudden, but Team Travel Kuramoto was 10th anniversary of foundation on 8th March of this year!!

And we, team members, wanted to give something special to our boss secretly, and prepared a surprise gift from a month ago below the surface.

First of all, we wanted to have him drink wine in the best condition as he loves one very much.
So we prepared a wine glass of RIEDEL whose glasses are shaped according to the grape variety. If you have an opportunity, please give it a try.

And put our company’s logo on it. Then we put the message on the bottom of the glass

” A Toast to 10years 2011-2021 Kampai!”

Next, we prepared a bottle of wine.

In addition, Amo made our company’s original label on it!!

I’m sure she can be a designer!!

Now the mission of the gifts was completed!
Let’s prepare message cards next!!

Amo made also the great message cards like flight tickets. Then each message card was lined up into the frame.

It’s cool, isn’t it?? 🙂

After that, we considered how to give these presents to our boss…..then……

Finally, the day of 10th anniversary was coming! It was Monday.
We have an internal meeting every Monday morning.
When the serious meeting is about to end, Yumeko said suddenly,
“Hey Boss, I want to show everyone some movie. Could you give me some time?”
Our boss had a strange look on his face. “Yes, sure.”
The next moment, the video summarized of Team Travel Kuramoto’s for the past 10 years was playing!!
To tell the truth, Yumeko and Yuko staying late at the office the day before to make this movie!!

 Boss was too surprised and solidified for a while. lol

After that, we gave him the presents.Look at his wonderful smile!!!

So the 10th anniversary special surprise was a great success!!!

We all did our best to make the anniversary successful!!!

What??? Did you say something?????
Ohhh!! You mean what the hell did I do????

There is one thing that I learned a lot about this time!!!

“””Women are more reliable for the surprise gift than men!!!”””

Anyway, Thanks everyone so much for always kind support for Team Travel Kuramoto!!!

A toast to 10 years!!!! Kampaaaaaai!!!!!!






スペイン・アンダルシア ミハスの「オリーブコスメ」「花のアクセサリー10€」「アーモンドの蜂蜜がけ2€」
バスの乗降場向かいに『GARRAPINADAS JUAN』(ファンさんのガラピニャ―ダ)と言う屋台があり、バスを降りたら試食で出迎えてくれます(笑)